Why was BENTON as such?

   Akira Yamada, the founder of BENTON confronted the end of the World War II in Korea in 1945. Having lost all, he repatriated to the devastated homeland without a penny.

   His only capotal was a little knowledge of English though he had studied it at then Tokyo Imperial University. Luckily, he got a job as an interpreter of English at the old Takarazuka Theater which was in those days renamed Ernie Pyle theater and giving the music concerts to the audiences of the Allied Forces and their families.

   Of all things, Yamada was assigned as an interpreter of English attached to the director of the orchestra. Until then, Yamada had never been interested in the European classic music and consequently had very little knowledge about musical instruments used for orchestration.

   Later, he often related with reminiscence that he had hard times at first as he did't even know the common music terms such as heard frequently during rehearsals. But he found a way out of difficulties with efforts and inborn wits. Years elapsed in this way.

   One day of the year of 1948, a graphic designer Marius Buzzarte, with whom Yamada got acuainted at the theater advised him.

   Marius said, "Look Akira, Japan is now under the occupation of the Allied Forces, but sooner or later, it'll gain independence and we'll go back home, it's a time that you have to think of starting new business. For example, an advertising agency. Only few people know about it in Japan yet, but in the States, it's a good and promising business. Why don't you try it in Japan?"

When it came to the time of giving the name to the new firm, Marius said, "There's a certain big and famous advertising agency named BENTON and so and so. The other one's name I don't remember correctly. Anyway how about naming your new company BENTON after this famous BENTON and so and so?"

Thus was born BENTON Co.

Akira & Marius & Fisherman

   Recently, you see the corporate names in "Katakana letters" every quarter in the town, but in the years of forties and fifties, it was a very rare thing. For this reason, we are often mistaken for BENTOYA(box lunch provider) in the beginning and recently for BENETTON, that famous italian apparel producer.

   In Japan, there is a saying that the word that ends with 'N' brings fortune. And fortunately our company has not been an exception. At the time of starting business, we received many orders from CPO of the Allied Forces and had a lot of works with foreign firms.

   We did everything. While doing rental service of zabuton mats(cotton mats) for the spectrators sitting on the hard seats at Jingu games by the American Gls on the one hand, we arranged the window display of the show windows of the department stores on the other hand.

Today, our specialities mainly consist of plannning, designing, and printing instruction manuals, posters, brochures, fliers and translations related with those products. We do good jobs because we know how and what to do. You can rely upon us.



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